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13 december 2013 XMH booking are now done by http://www.darkindependentbookings.com/

6  december 2013 - nice review by Peek-A-Boo magazine on XMH The Business Digi EP online

3 december 2013 - XMH have signed to the belgian label Alfa Matrix. Early 2014 the new XMH album In Your Face will be released. Prior to that there is a Digi EP called The Business for download at http://alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/the-business-ep which contains the track The Business and remixes by bands such as Leaether Strip, System:FX and Heimataerde

9 July 2013 new interviews online

22 February 2013 added new XMH shows, go to the Live Dates section for more

21 October 2012 new XMH merchandise go to Merchandise for more info

6 March 2012 new XMH t-shirts/girlies/tanktops available, go to merchandise

10 February 2012 we will taking a short leave from the stage. We have a load of songs ready and will be returning to the Implant Studio again to record the new XMH album!

5 August 2011 interview online with Peek-A-Boo magazine http://www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be/en/interviews/xmh/ 

1 August 2011 our singer Isa Garcia is featured on the new Depeche Mode tribute album Re:covered. Her vocals are on the track Now'This Is Fun' by Implant http://www.alfa-matrix.com/

14 June 2011 XMH will take a short break from the stage, so we can work on new material. Expect to see us back on stage fall 2011!

12 June 2011 our show at the WGT was a complete success. We wish to thank everyone who came over to party with us.

8 February 2011 XMH will perform at the 20th Anniversary of the WGT Festival, check the live dates section.

18 January 2011 XMH Press Statement: Of course everyone will remember the tragedy at last year’s Loveparade in Duisburg, Germany. Well known DJ’s Paul Oakenfold, Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk recorded the song ‘Remember Love’ under the name DJ’s United, to help out the victims of the tragedy.

But… the basic melody line from the song ‘Remember Love’ sounds very similar to the melody from the song ‘Global Killer’ written by dutch dark electro band XMH. The song ‘Global Killer’ comes from the XMH debut album ‘Time To Play’ released in 2007 and went to nr. 2 in the Dutch Underground Charts. The song ‘Global Killer’ was a big hit in southern European clubs. Especially the ‘Global Killer Remix’ by NG-Pro and DJ Led Manville were and still are club favorites in Spain.

Because XMH shares the deepest sympathy with all the victims and their loved ones, XMH thinks it’s inappropriate to take legal actions against DJ’s United.


13 November 2010 our small autumn tour has come to an end. XMH will take a short leave from the stage. We are in the process of writing new material. We want to try out different sounds and experiment with new musical approaches.

1 November 2010 back from great show in Leipzig. Don't forget to check the last XMH shows for this year in Rotterdam and Antwerp supporting Hocico

20 August 2010 nice article and cd-review by Gothic Magazine in the Interviews section

18 August 2010 download the new XMH album 'State Of Mind' via iTunes for only $9.99

16 July 2010 thanks to everyone who got us to nr 2 in the EBM Charts

29 June 2010 we are pleased to announce our signing to american label Nilaihah Records (home of bands such as The Azoic, Interface, Unheilig and many others). Nilaihah Records will release the new XMH cd State Of Mind in North and South America.

26 June 2010 the XMH track 'Komasaufen' which is featured on the Dark Alliance Vol. 7 Sampler went to number 3 in the Deutsche Alternative Charts

1 May 2010 the first reviews and interviews are coming in. The press is truly positive on the new XMH album. Check it out at the interview section.

21 April 2010 the new XMH cd State Of Mind is now on sale via our website (the cd will be on sale in stores from 14th May). You can order the new CD at the Discography section for just 12 Euro (that's postage and packing included!). 

14 April 2010 uploaded the video from Wasted at the video section

8 April 2010 dutch tv interview online at video section

25 March 2010 tv interview with local TV station, you can see it here

14 March 2010 some photos from Vampire Party online at the photo section. Many thanks and greets to David, XP8 and Daisy. Also new XMH wallpapers uploaded in the wallpaper section, enjoy!

10 March 2010 the release date for the new XMH album 'State Of Mind' is set for 14 May 2010

17 February 2010 TV interview with dutch television now online at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LjSU2KV3mQ

15 February 2010 XMH have signed to the german Danse Macabre label (home of KMFDM, Das Ich, Faith & The Muse etc). The new cd 'State Of Mind' will be released end of April 2010!!!

6 December 2009 photos from our show with Combichrist at De Kade in Zaandam (NL) online at the photo section

8 November 2009 had a great weekend on the road with Clan Of Xymox, photos in the photo section

23 October 2009 XMH t-shirts available now!!! Check the Merchandise section.

4 October 2009 photos from the XMH show in Tournai (BE) online

4 September 2009 had lots of fun in Krefeld at the Kulturfabrik in Krefeld (DE) with Angels & Agony, photo online at the photo section

30 July 2009 New XMH tourdates for fall and winter are in the making, check out the Concerts section

27 July 2009 The Gothic Festival in Waregem rocked! Check out the photo section

13 April 2009 The Dark Underground Tour has come to an end, it's been a great experience and we had lots of fun, for lots of photos check the photo section

30 March 2009 The XMH song Abuse will appear at the Interbreeding X Volume 2 compilation cd from BLC Productions. http://www.blcmusic.com and http://www.myspace.com/blc

10 March 2009 XMH have just returned from their first shows in Spain, check out the photo section and our blog at our myspace

1 March 2009 XMH welcomes new singer / keyboardplayer Isa Garcia. Please welcome her at http://www.myspace.com/is4_b3l

25 February 2009 Every year german underground music magazine Sonic Seducer organises a Battle Of The Bands competition. In this year's competition 50 bands entered and XMH reached nr. 5 (!!!) with the song 'Truth'. Many thanks to everyone who voted for us! http://www.sonic-seducer.de/

24 February 2009 Much to our regret we have to inform that Emélie Nicolaï is no longer a band-member of XMH anymore. The very busy XMH tourschedule and futureplans for XMH made it difficult for her to combine all of these with her own activities in the band Psy'Aviah, which forced her to make a decision between the two bands.XMH needs a female singer/keyboard-player who wants to go for it 100%, and therefore we had to ask her to leave XMH so she can fully concentrate on her own band and XMH can move on. Emélie Nicolaï has only been in XMH for a short time when she replaced Charlot Wever and it sure has been a fun and great time. We wish Emélie all the best, and good luck with her own band. A new singer for XMH has been found and her name will be announced in a couple of days.

14 january 2009 XMH will tour Holland, Germany, Belgium and Spain check out the livedates!

6 January 2009 The XMH track '10 Miles Away' from the new XMH album will also be featured on the Extreme Sündenfall No. 8 sampler cd http://www.myspace.com/exsuendenfall

28 December 2008 XMH have shot a video for their new song Wasted at the Machinefabriek in Vlissingen. To read more about the video shoot check our blogs at http://www.myspace.com/xmh or at http://www.vampirefreaks.com/XMH

24 November 2009 small article on XMH in Sonic Seducer november issue

11 November 2008 XMH is confirmed for 2 dates in Spain! See the livedates section for more.


10 November 2008 DJ Cheminee made a remix from the song I Found Her, you can download the track from http://www.myspace.com/xmh and http://www.vampirefreaks.com/XMH

5 November 2008 photos and blog from our UK mini tour are now online at http://www.myspace.com/xmh and http://www.vampirefreaks.com/XMH

8 October 2008 From many band entries worldwide, german music magazine Sonic Seducer has picked XMH to be one of the bands to participate in the Sonic Seducer Battle Of The Bands competition!
The new track 'Truth' from the forthcoming XMH album will appear on the Battle Of The Bands album. More at http://www.sonic-seducer.de

20 September 2008 photos from our shows in Drachten (NL) and Rotterdam (NL) are now online at the photo section

24 August 2008 XMH have finished recording the first half of the new cd. Read more at http://www.myspace.com/xmh

11 August 2008 Some sad news, Charlot Wever has left XMH. During the recordings for the new XMH album she informed us she no longer wanted to be in XMH anymore. She wants to attend more time to her personal life and studies. Although we were completely surprised and shocked by this news, we respect her decision and wish her all the best for the future. Charlot, we love you, and hope you enjoyed the great times in XMH. All the best from XMH and management.

A replacement for Charlot has been found. Psy'Aviah singer Emélie Nicolaï from Antwerpen (Belgium) has joined forces with XMH. Emélie will do vocals, keyboards for XMH and in the future visuals as well.

9 August 2008 photos from a succesfull show at the Summer Darkness festival are now online, check out the photo section.

18 July 2008 XMH is in the Dutch Underground Charts with 2 songs. 'Loser' from the 'Time To Play' Album and the Incal mix by Implant of 'Rape Your God'
The DJ led Manville remixes entered the Dutch Underground Charts as well.


31 May 2008 live photos from the XMH show at the Paradiso in Amsterdam (NL) are now in the photo section

10 May 2008 the XMH song 'The Game' is featured on the Avalon compilation cd.

27 April 2008 XMH have entered the Implant Studio read more

14 april 2008 Germany and U.K. dates confirmed check out the concert section!

7 april 2008 our friend DJ Led Manville http://www.myspace.com/ledmanville has made 5 (yes, that's 5!!!!) new remixes for XMH. Check out our Media section or visit our Myspace to download these songs. Feel free to share these songs with everyone you know, friends, DJ's, promoters etc.

8 march 2008 the XMH track 'Human' is featured on the 'Live At The Asylum' cd by our friend DJ Led Manville.

23 february 2008 new XMH tourdates check out the concert section.

22 february 2008 singer Benjamin Samson will be spinning at the Dance Macabre party Saturday 29 March at De Piek in Vlissingen.

18 february 2008 a very positive article on XMH has been published in the March edition of Sonic Seducer magazine. Also 'Rape Your God V2' is featured on the Cold Hands Seduction cd which comes free with the magazine.

24 december 2007 Looking back at the year 2007 we can truly say that it was a succesful year for XMH. We got our debut album released, we got a new bandmember. XMH did some kick ass shows at clubs and major festivals as Summer Darkness and Terra Gotha XV. We really would like to thank all our fans, friends, family, bands we played with, DJ's, and all of the media which gave us good reviews.
Let's raise our glasses and hope that 2008 will be even more succesful, BOTTOMS UP!

13-11-2007 XMH will support Das Ich on Friday 22 February 2008 at the Bibelot, Dordrecht.

4-11-2007 the XMH show at the Terra Gotha festival was fantastic, photos are online in the photo section.

1-11-2007 two new songs 'Abuse' and 'Truth' will be played live at the Terra Gotha XV festival on 3 November.

1-11-2007 'Rape Your God' reached the 1st place and 'Time To Play' got straight up to nr. 2 in the Dutch Underground Charts!!!
A huge thank you to the DJ's and to all our fans for getting us there!

18-10-2007 interview with Charlot and Cyber Angels now online in the interview section

16-10-2007 the cd 'Time To Play' is still going strong in the Dutch Underground Charts at nr. 5.
And the song 'Rape Your God V2' went straight to nr. 2 in the Dutch Underground Charts!

15-10-2007 [VLRK] aka Jos from Grendel will remix 3 songs from 'Time To Play' and give them a special Grendel treatment.

12-10-2007 DJ Led Manville from Madrid made a special remix Apoptygma Berzerk vs XMH - Killer Love To Blame

1-10-2007 the cd Time To Play reached nr. 5 in the Dutch Underground Charts, and the song blasted all the way to nr. 4!!! http://www.cybercase.nl 

19-9-2007 XMH will contribute with one track on the Dead By Dawn sampler cd, more info at http://www.myspace.com/deadbydawnparties

17-9-2007 new interview with XMH singer Benjamin Samson in Dark Spy magazine from Germany, go to the interview section to read the interview.

17-9-2007 the cd Time To Play reached nr. 6 in the Dutch Underground Charts, and the song Rape Your God V.2 entered the charts at nr. 13!  

9-9-2007 XMH will play at the P60 in Amstelveen on 30 November with our good friends of Soman and Grendel http://www.undergroundfrequencies.nl

13-8-2007 Everyone who came to see us at the Summer Darkness Festival, thank you very much!
Check out the Media and Images section to see some videos and photos from a great weekend.

9-8-2007 the song Loser came in at nr. 3 at Gothic Crush http://www.gothic-crush.nl

11-7-2007 XMH are confirmed to play at the Terra Gotha XV festival on 3 November 2007
More info at http://www.terra-gotha.com

3-7-2007 the release date for Time To Play is set for 19 July, click here to read more about the making of Time To Play.
We are now taking pre-orders, be sure to order your copy now, go to the Discography section to pre-order your cd.

31-5-2007 A few samples from the new cd can be heard at the Media section, enjoy!

15-5-2007 The final stage of the cd recording and mixing sessions will be completed at the Atticworks studio in Veenendaal.
The cd will be mixed and produced by Gerwin van Ruiswijk (NG-Pro) and XMH.

15-4-2007 XMH welcomes their new bandmember Charlot Wever. Charlot will be playing keys and add background vocals at the XMH live shows.

27-3-2007 XMH will perform at the Summer Darkness Festival in Utrecht at Tivoli (De Helling) on Saturday 11 August.
More info http://www.summerdarkness.nl

21-3-2007 XMH have just returned from a succesfull show at the Epicentre in Amsterdam.
XmH will now fully concentrate on the new album entitled 'TIME TO PLAY', which will be released summer 2007. Untill then XMH will not do any live-shows.
The cd will contain 13 or 14 songs. The cd will also have remixes by our friends from XP8, NG-Pro, Jesus Complex and The Peoples Republic Of Europe.

9-2-2007 XMH will perform at the Epicentre party on 10 March in Amsterdam, more info http://www.epicentre-amsterdam.nl

2-1-2007 Best wishes to everyone. XMH are in the process of writing new material for a full length studio album.

17-10-2006 XMH will perform at the Cybergothic Syndrome at De Effenaar in Eindhoven Friday 29 December with
G-Pro, Embolus and Statik Sky.

13-07-2006 XMH did a stomping show at the Summer Darkness festival in Utrecht, thanks to everyone who went there. Click here for reviews.

22-07-2006 XMH have just returned form their first gig (which was a blast!) in Belgium, which took place in Brugge.

13-05-2006 XMH are in the middle of writing new material, also XMH are going to re-record the Life EP vocals.

06-05-2006 XMH will be playing at the Summer Darkness Festival in Utrecht at 13 August 2006.

01-05-2006 XMH will be doing their first show in Belgium at an industrial/electro festival in Brugge at 22 July 2006.
01-03-2006 XMH will be perforing at De Piek in Vlissingen with TheDude at 08-04-2006.

04-02-2006 XMH will be playing at Cyberia in Utrecht with Amduscia, Agonoize and Razoritch at 12 March 2006