XMH Reviews


"Containing eleven songs and four remixes the debut album of XMH is a strong e.b.m. danceable album with lotsa energy and pounding rhythms. I know that there are tons of bands that have this kind of sound, so you'd ask what is XmH's peculiarity. Well, first of all Benjamin vocals aren't filtered and he do really shout his lungs out. Second, even if their music doesn't stand out for originality, their tracks are well conceived and you'll would enjoy them if you are searching for an album that would work well on clubs as well on a boring day when you are in need of a energy shot" (Chain-DLK) 

"XMH, Benjamin in fact, succeeded well to draw the attention of the audience and keep them moving. He showed himself as an extremely energetic frontman, running all around the stage, screaming his lyrics with aggression through the microphone. The catchy melodies in combination with hard pounding techno-like beats formed a strong whole. An acceptable amount of the audience was able to sing along with lyrics from songs like "Rape Your God", which is a real clubhit in the cybergothic scene." (Reflections Of Darkness)

"Ein sehr gelungenes Album, über das sich jeder freuen dürfte, der ein bisschen mehr Beat vertragen kann" (Dark Spy magazine)

"In Holland feiert man die Band als heißeste Electro Entdeckung seit Grendel, was sicherlich schon ein kleiner Erfolg ist und als Hinweis dient, in welche Richtung der Sound der Band geht. Für eine Band die noch am Anfang Ihrer Karriere steht, wurde mit „Time to Play“ ein recht ordentliches Electro Album mit einer mehr als respektablen running time von 73min. vorgelegt" (Dark Moments)

"A strong debut though, which will do great on the dancefloor as well as at home, if played loud" (Nick - Gothic Crush)

"Fazit: Klasse Newcomer im Electrobereich" (Dark Heart Magazine)

"I like the mix of the dark, danceable power and the more melodious side. We definitely have to keep an eye on this band!" (Side-Line magazine)

"Live is XMH dan ook vooral een brok zeer dansbare energie. De nummers komen goed uit de verf. Het publiek kent er duidelijk ook wat van (helemaal clubhit "Rape Your God" dat gebracht werd in de versie zoals die op het nieuwe album staat). Een erg fijn optreden kortom" (Gothic Reviews)

"XMH shows that they have grown remarkably and Time to Play is a very accomplished debut" (Teknoir - Gothtronic)

"Und auch die instrumentale Seite zeigt sich alsbald professionell und ausgereift. Die Produktion ist fett, die Beats drücken, die Arrangements sind schlüssig. Man orientiert sich augenscheinlich an Vorbildern wie etwa COMBICHRIST und vor allem die bereits erwähnten AMDUSCIA. Also fast immer schnell, tanzbar und eingängig, ohne Berührungsängste vor trancigen Gefilden." (Terrorverlag)

"Das neue Album von XMH "Time to play" ist wirklich super Electrosound PUR ! Einfach empfehlenswert. Durchgängig ohne Ausnahme. Haben die Holländer sehr gut hinbekommen.
Besonders hats mir das Lied "Wet (Fetish Club Mix By XP8)" angetan." (Plener Info)

"Rape your God is one of their familiar songs, its aggressive tones and stomping beats make it very danceable. This is the same with the set of the set. Songs are compact and fast. A lot of various samples are used to make the songs sound better. There isn’t more to say, I was too busy dancing!" (Reflections Of Darkness)

"Eerder dit jaar zette het duo EKKO op zijn kop met een spetterend concert. XMH past muzikaal in het rijtje Hocico, Suicide Commando, Reaper en Soman. Brute technobeats en catchy keyboards zorgen voor een sinister dark electrogeluid, gemaakt voor de dansvloer. XMH heeft de goede weg te pakken en is één de grootste beloften van de Nederlandse darkelectro!" (Cybercase - Summer Darkness Festival)

"The next electro/industrial sensation from Holland since Grendel" (DJ B2B)

"XMH liet EKKO dansen op strakke dark-elektro en mag zeker nog eens terugkomen" (VPRO 3Voor12)

"XMH from Vlissingen create dark electro to the bone. Most striking is the front man Benjamin Samson who is sometimes viciously shouting like there’s no tomorrow" (Arthylacia - Gothtronic)

"Super-sound! Extremely dancable with a nice and aggressive beat. Perfectly mixable with Suicide Commando, Soman, Tactical Sekt" (GothVille)

"XMH overtuigt op Summer Darkness Festival Showcase" (VPRO 3Voor12)

"I can do no other than enthusiastically jump and sing along to potential one hit wonders like ‘Life’, ‘Rape Your God’ and ‘Religion Redux’. Also the extra cd-r brings a lot of entertaining music to be played as much as possible" (Ergo - Gothtronic)

"The performance of XMH was very good and original. I'm sure that more people will agree with me on this one.They really made me dance and I'm really looking forward to listening their second cd!" (Ruud - EBM-Industrial)

"Fans of the likes of Suicide Commando, Grendel and Combichrist must definately take a listen to these highly dancable tracks" (Wiscel - Terra Gotha)

"The music of XMH is not original, but it is impressive that these young guys know how to come up with a certain sound and are able to translate this to the audience as well. Many Dutch projects don’t achieve in this. XMH seems to be a promising new addition for the electro and industrial lover in The Netherlands" (Teknoir - Gothtronic)